MG Influencers Program

On behalf of MG - Adel Alghanim Automotive team, we are enthusiastic to launch our ‘’ first in the region’’ collaboration program with selected influencers in Kuwait. We have been following the progress of the social media channels and activities. Amazing efforts - We genuinely believe creative expression is key to helping reach and achieve our marketing mission.

Adel Alghanim Automotive is the exclusive distributor for MG Motor in Kuwait. MG is a story that started in 1924 a story of hard work, love, and passion a story of world records and British heritage that continues to develop providing customers with quality cars filled with love and history. With its innovative style, rich heritage and passion, MG Motor continue to inject fun into the life of the motorist. MG is here to make a difference to its customer and to the industry. The brand has and will continue to offer its drivers a unique and special experience.

All our partners will be receiving rewarding promotion percentage:

・100 kd – in case of 5 vehicles

・70 kd - in case of 3 vehicles

・50 kd - in case of 2 vehicles

To sign up:kindly visit our cloud software at the link below and follow the instructions